Kampung Serendah


Kampung Serendah

History next door

Located a mere 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Kampung Orang Asli Serendah is a cultural gem that has persisted throughout history.

A Temuan Indigenous tribe, the community consist of strong but humble people, that fight hard to preserve their cultural heritage and pass it down through generations. 

The richness of the Temuan tribe is felt through the hospitality, food and knowledge of the natural surroundings. For generations, the tribe has passed down methods to live off the land, utilizing the natural forest in their everyday lives.

Be part of the Native community and experience the expertise of the community as you embark on a journey to learn about historical land that pre-dates independence, cooking methods and secrets straight from the forest, and crafts that have revolutionized the generations of our ancestors.

Native Guides

Meet our Indigenous Guides

Pak Elok

Pak Elok knows Serendah inside out and considers the jungle his ancestral background. He loves sharing about his childhood and adventures. He hold extensive knowledge of Serendah folklore.


Anissa is always ready to whip up a delicious meal for guests.Friendly and keen to share. Guests can ask Anissa about tradition Temuan food, and methods of planting and foreging to cook traditional meals.


Masnin, fondly known as Moning, is a seasoned guide. Though not from Serendah, Moning shares indigenous roots with the locals. Jungles has always been a part of Moning’s life and has shaped his identity.


Moning’s wife, Ros is always ready to great with a smile, and loves interacting with guests. An expert cook herself, Ros has extensive knowledge of traditional cooking ingredients and skills.

Mak Bena

Mak Bena is the Sambal queen of Kampung Serendah. She is part of the cooking team that produces delicious meals. Moreover, she holds vast knowledge of traditional asli crafts passed down for generations.

Mui Banjir

Mui Banjir is an expert in foraging jungle produce and creating items with traditional craft skills. She also plays a vital role in preparing traditional asli desserts that is beloved by everyone!


A perfect way to experience the life of the Temuan Tribe in Serendah. Start the morning off with a hike through Bukit Beruang as you are guided through the historical land with our Native Orang Asli guide. Then, have a cooking class with our Orang Asli instructors. Learn to use traditional ingredients and cooking methods. Finally, finish off the day by learning crafts that have been continued for generations.

Hiking & Lunch Serendah

Discovery Kampung Serendah by hiking through communal indigenous land, led by Pak Elok and Moning, learn all about the lifestyle and culture of the Temaun tribe in Kampung Serendah. Later energize yourself with a traditional Temaun lunch cooked by our team of Indigenous Cooks.

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Trekking through history at Bukit Beruang

Embark on a Native Journey through a forest preserved and cultivated for generations. Guided by our Indigenous Guides, learn all about the livelihood of the Temuan Tribe and how the forest plays a crucial role in maintaining cultural heritage.

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Stay in our own Native Bamboo house within the Indigenous tribe of Kampung Serendah. Comfortable home located right next to a wonderful stream, allowing customers to enjoy a journey away from the city.

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