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The way you travel makes a difference.

Get to know our different communities and what each of them has to offer. Each village has its own unique assets and qualities, and we work closely with our community partners to curate and showcase their unique heritage in ways that dignify their stories and enable meaningful shared experiences between them and you as guests.

Support a Local Community

Through the choice of a community over a regular travel destination. Change can be made to stimulate the economy in rural areas.

Have Meaningful and Real Interactions

Making friends and being a part of a community. Traveling isn't just a temporary event. Make friendships that last a lifetime with communities.

Leave a Lasting Impact with Your Visit

By being a part of our Native experiences, you contribute towards creating a lasting socio-economic impact to the indigenous community.

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Kampung Gurney Ulu Yam

Located along the jungles of Selangor, the customary indigenous land of the Kampung Gurney Temuan community is filled with organic durians, wonderful fruits and flowers, and a river stop that is perfect for a relaxing dip. Learn all about indigenous land, cuisine, and crafts with some of the kindest community members around.

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Kampung Serendah

Located a mere 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Kampung Orang Asli Serendah is a cultural gem that has persisted throughout history.

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