Umah Temuan Homestay

Umah Temuan Homestay

A Stay with Character

Within the beautiful village of Serendah lies a gem, hidden from the world outside. Umah Temuan is proudly built in partnership with our community partners who have inherited the pioneering skills of their ancestors. We bring modern bamboo design together with the Orang Asli’s affinity for the natural world to offer a unique abode honouring the indigenous spirit of our country for you to rejuvenate yourself.

Located a mere 45-minutes from the city center of Kuala Lumpur, Umah Temuan is situated on the communal lands of Kampung Serendah which have been passed down for generations. Surrounded by beautiful forests and rivers, experience living in the lands of the Temuan community as invited guests where we’ve built a mutual partnership with the landowners to recognise their claim as stewards to the area.

A wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find all the peace you need with little to no urban interruptions. You’ll have private access to the riverbed of Sungai Serendah, where you and your guests are free to take a dip and wash your worries away. Or if you don’t fancy a splash, simply sit in each unit’s suspended hammock and listen to the sounds of the rushing river. 

We offer two units: Umah Temuan Buluh and Umah Temuan Bertam, each named after the building materials used to build these proud structures.

Urban Comforts Available

Complete with electricity and running hot water, you will still find some of your creature comforts that might ease your visit into a more natural environment. We also have humble flush toilets at your service, with rain showers to wash the adventure out of your air after a long day.

We’ve designed Umah Temuan to be 100% naturally ventilated, with open walls offering you just enough privacy to feel safe and curtains to keep you out of view. Lockboxes are provided for security and there is free parking available just a stone’s throw away from the location. 

A Gateway to Indigenous Experiences

Umah Temuan is more than just a building, it was designed as a gateway to interact with the Orang Asli on equal grounds. During your stay at Umah Temuan, you will be welcomed by our local stewards and have access to their conversation. 

For groups of 4 or more, you’ll be able to book private experiences upon request. 

We offer private guided hike through the historic Bukit Beruang of Kampung Serendah led by Roslan, better known as Ayah Indah in the community, and his team of experienced Native Guides. You’ll embark on a journey through the forest and learn the transitions they’ve observed over the decades. We also offer private Temuan lunches cooked by our culinary team of local experts. You’ll find rare indigenous cuisine, such as Semomok infused chicken, fermented durian curries, and thensome. 

Add-ons to Keep You Well Fed 

If you’re simply coming over to enjoy nature and a stay, we offer rental services for BBQ pits, complete with camping chairs, and all the firestarting equipment you’ll need to have a cook out. 

If you’re not up for packing your own meals, not to worry! Our Orang Asli partners prepare a mean marinade and offer prepared meats, veggies, and BBQ foods in BBQ sets meant for 4 or 8 people. They are also happy to offer you a packed lunch for the next day.

What We Offer

Add-On Services

Not yet bookable online. Please contact us directly to make arrangements.

While staying at Umah Temuan, you might find yourself wanting prepared meals or private experiences. We’re ready to meet your needs.

Prices for experiences and other services are not included in the price of accommodation.
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