Our Ventures

Here at Native, we’re not just in the business of tours. We also work together with our Orang Asli partners to build ventures that showcase their unique heritage in unique ways. This might manifest in products like delicious indigenous foods, contemporary art, and traditional crafts.  

All our non-tourism work still carries the same Native mission: to support our community partners in achieving their dreams, while helping wider audiences understand the invaluable role of indigenous people in nurturing our world.

We help build paths towards...


We want our Orang Asli partners to be business owners and accumulate assets so they can enter positions of power within their communities and society at large. We ensure that at least 30% of all revenue reaches our partners as direct earnings so they can start building the future they want to see on their own terms.


We design products and services that give our Orang Asli partners ways to form meaningful connections and shared experiences with not only the people that they work with but also the customers that they serve. We aim to help them build proverbial villages that will support their efforts and that will stand with them as they progress towards their dreams.


Our ventures are meant to create work that is meaningful and purposeful. All our ventures create a platform where they are able to earn money through dignified ways using their existing skills and knowledge. We only weave empowering narratives and cultivate mindsets of abundance so our community partners can lean into the pride that comes with being an indigenous entrepreneur. 

Our Ventures


Biji Bumi

Natural, ethically-sourced durians from centuries-old forest trees maintained & cultivated by Orang Asli communities

Perisa Punan

Enjoy the authentic taste of Temuan cuisine!

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