Our Ventures

Here at Native, we’re not just in the business of tours. We also work together with our Orang Asli partners and other parties to build ventures that showcase their unique heritage in ways that dignify their stories. The goal is to help people understand the invaluable role our community partners play in nurturing our land and preserving a treasure trove of traditional skills. 

Our ventures empower the orang asli with...


We encourage our community partners to take ownership towards every venture that we explore together, supporting them to eventually become independent business operators that leads and hosts their own initiatives.


Through the ventures that we explore together, our Orang Asli partners often form meaningful connections and shared experiences with not only the people that they work with but also the guests that they serve.

Purposeful Work

We aim to provide our community partners with work that is meaningful and purposeful by creating a platform where they are able to earn money through dignified ways using their existing skills and knowledge.

Our Ventures

Biji Bumi

Natural, ethically-sourced durians from centuries-old forest trees maintained & cultivated by Orang Asli communities

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