Who We Are

It began with friendship.

What started out as a friendship between an Orang Asli
and a civil engineering student in university led to the establishment of our social enterprise, Native.

In 2018, founder Daniel Teoh had been visiting Kampung Sungai Lalang for project when he met Faizul, a Temuan native trying to complete building a shelter for his family. With the help of his university, Daniel and his mates successfully completed building Faizul’s new home and this relationship eventually led to them working together.

What started out as a dream to improve the standards of living for the community became reality when Daniel and Faizul provided travellers with the first immersive cultural experience hosted by the indigenous community members themselves.

Our Journey So Far

Worked with 3 communities and 15 different households through part-time work

Providing RM6000* capital for development through community funds

Bringing more than 300 guests from different countries to their local communities

Native Clients