About Us

Our Purpose

Native is on a mission to co-create community based tourism ventures with local communities throughout Malaysia to boost livelihoods & enable cultural discovery. Our vision is to strive for a nation that celebrates our colourful heritage and empowers ordinary citizens to be ambassadors of Malaysian hospitality.

Our Story

What began as a friendship between an Orang Asli and founder
Daniel Teoh, lead to the start of our social mission.

With the wealth of underexplored heritage of communities like the Orang Asli coupled with consumer behaviour today, Native believes a solution for this gap lies in community based tourism – where communities can come together to reclaim their rights and find a space in mainstream culture by showcasing their uniqueness to the world.

Our Services

We aim for our Native hosts to play a role in preserving indigenous wisdom through:


At Native, we provide community-led experiences that take guests on an immersive journey through the homes and neighbouring forests of the Orang Asli in Selangor, Malaysia.
• Temuan Village Trail
• Gombak Indigenous Affairs


Aside from our weekly experiences, we offer authentic experiences to private groups as well. All activities can be customized to fit the client’s interests and and pace. We cater to:
• Community Engagement Programmes
• Student Programmes
• Team Building
• CSR/CSV Activites
• Company Outing
• Leisure


We also help storytellers tell their stories. Our aim is to document and curate content based on the narrative of our community partners. We work with communities to identify, document and showcase what makes them different and unique through interactive storytelling.

Our Journey So Far

From August 2019, we began organising monthly experiences to positively impact families in two Orang Asli communities.

Working with 2 communities and 15 diferent households through part-time work

Providing RM5000* capital for development through community funds

Bringing more than 200 guests from 19 different countries to their local communities

Our Past Clients

Our Team

To learn more about our work, please contact:

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