Kampung Gurney, Ulu Yam


Kampung Gurney Ulu Yam

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Less than an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s city centre, here-lays Kampung Gurney. A dense village filled with wonderful Temuan Indigenous people.

Tasked to watch over the forest for generations, the community of Kampung Gurney is filled with wonderful people whom hold stories rooted in the history of Selangor. From before the formation of Malaysia, this community has been preserving and keeping the culture and nature that is so often overlooked by people of today.

At Kampung Gurney, lays amongst the best fruiting organic durian orchids in Selangor. Kept and cared for by the members of the community. The durians are cared for and harvested every year directly from the “Kebuns” of the members of the community. Learn all about the lifestyle of the forest keepers and organic durians. The ways of harvesting the “King of Fruits” and all the complexities involved.

Now, get the chance to experience nature and history unlike ever before. Form relationships with members of the community and take part in the everyday lives of the people. Learn, explore, and find a new perspective on what life is all about.

Native Guides

Meet the people of Kampung Gurney Ulu Yam

Pak Jais, the leader of the Kampung Gurney team. A man with a heart for the people.
Sarah, the senior lady amongst the Kampung Gurney team. Holding knowledge on traditional Temuan cuisines and craft skills.
Sasha, a kind and humble mother with a family that is full of love and Temuan history.
A leader in the cooking team, Kiyah is known for making the best authentic Temuan dishes over fires.


Waterfall Hike at Kampung Gurney

Take a hike through customary indigenous land, up to a waterfall kept by the members of the community for generations. Learn all about the culture and history of the fruiting forest and its role in indigenous communities.

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