Lunch with the Native hosts of Serendah




It would be impossible to truly understand the Orang Asli culture without tasting their food. Orang Asli food is a testament to their resilience and their unique ability to self-sustain under harsh conditions: the ingredients used are extremely pragmatic and can be sourced sustainably, making each dish practical, nutritious and of course, delicious. 

Embark on a culinary journey with us as our expert indigenous cooks host you for a hearty, four-course meal. Our menus are carefully curated by our Orang Asli cooks, each designed with our guests in mind. From the spice lover to the vegetarian – there will be something for everybody. 

Enjoy a variety of interesting food textures and taste as you feast on the array of meats, foraged forest finds, home-grown greens and unique spices of your meal. While you eat, listen on to our partner hosts as they share the origins and method of preparation of each food with you. Discover how the food culture of the Orang Asli has influenced and is interconnected with other Malaysian cuisines, and leave Serendah will a newfound appreciation of Orang Asli food, and with a satisfied, filled and happy tummy.



11.30 am

Arrival at Orang Asli village
Introduction to site and local cooks

12.00 am

Begin the feast!

01.00 pm

Post-meal conversations

02.00 pm

Depart from Orang Asli Community

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Lunch with the Native hosts of Serendah

Start from : RM 88/pax

Frequently Ask Questions

On your Native Journey, you will be provided access to our Indigenous Tribe Hosts. These hosts will take you through the journey and will be ever willing to help you if you require it. We also provide first-aid services during the experience.

Guests should bring an expectation to learn and have a great time. All other general list of items to bring is provided in our follow up email titled “Native Onboarding” that you will receive upon booking an experience. 

No, once a tour or stay has been purchased, no refunds will be handed out. Do contact Native directly if you would like to make changes with bookings in-line with our Terms & Conditions.

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