Backwoods Meals with an Indigenous Touch




To converse and fellowship over a meal. An activity made whole with the wonderful Native Cooks of Kampung Gurney. A team of strong and humble women that keep the Temuan cuisine going from mother to child. Here by the riverside of Sungai Sendat, surrounded by nature and peace, you will find that the community and lands of Kampung Gurney have an abundance of joy and knowledge to offer.

Through food made using mainly natural ingredients harvested from the lands of the Sungai Sendat forest, our Native Cooks will prepare a meal that is cooked using traditional methods over an open fire, just how it was done in the past. Harvesting, preparing, and cooking dishes encountered from their childhood, our Native Cooks have an array of wonderful dishes, topped off with some of the best Temuan style sambal around!

But food isn’t all the focus here at Kampung Gurney. Friendships are just as important to us! Get an opportunity to sit down and fellowship with members of the community as they share a part of their lives with you. Led by Siti, who is insightful in sharing the culture and always full of laughter, and Sarah, who is famous for making the best Tempoyak Sambal, be enthralled by a lunch experience unlike any other. Experience life from a different perspective as you make friends with you along the way.

A culinary journey crafted for travelers and seekers who look for more than just a trip to get great food, but to uncover the traditions and lives of the Indigenous culture that has paved the way for the nation we know today. Book your Native experience today!



11.30 am

Arrival at Orang Asli village
Introduction to site and your Native Cooks

12.00 pm

Begin experience with Native Cooks

12.30 pm

Lunch is served! 

01.15 pm

Fellowship with Native Cooks

02.00 pm

End of session

Depart from Kampung Gurney

Booking the experience as a solo traveller ?

Backwoods Meals with an Indigenous Touch

Start from : RM 76/pax

Frequently Ask Questions

On your Native Journey, you will be provided access to our Indigenous Tribe Hosts. These hosts will take you through the journey and will be ever willing to help you if you require it. We also provide first-aid services during the experience.

Guests should bring an expectation to learn and have a great time. All other general list of items to bring is provided in our follow up email titled “Native Onboarding” that you will receive upon booking an experience. 

No, once a tour or stay has been purchased, no refunds will be handed out. Do contact Native directly if you would like to make changes with bookings in-line with our Terms & Conditions.

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