(Bundle) Discover Sungai Sendat with its Indigenous Stewards




Immerse yourself in a cultural experience of discovery through Sungai Sendat. Take a guided tour through a customary Orang Asli forest, up to Latar Panjang; a private riverbed where the community of Kampung Gurney frequently gather. Down to the kebuns of our community partners where you will be served a meal of traditional Temuan cuisine.

With our Native Guide, led by Mamak Jais, discover the stories and tales of the forest and people of Sungai Sendat. Specialists at protecting the forest, our team of Native Guides are ever ready to share their stories and expertise of nature. But nature is not complete without feeling the waters of Sungai Sendat. Up at Latar Panjang, enjoy time to splash around in the river as you refresh yourself in cold mountain waters.

Once you uncover the secrets of Sungai Sendat, be replenished with a feast!

Prepared by the team of Native Cooks, a group of expert ladies that hold the best Temuan recipes. Led by Sarah and Siti, experience the taste of the best classics. Ayam bakar cooked over a fire, served with Buloh Rice, and many other great dishes made from the produce of the forest. Share stories with the ladies and experience the livelihood of the people.

From one generation to the next, the forest and lands of Sungai Sendat has been the ancestral home of the Temuan Community of Kampung Gurney. Watching over the forest comes naturally to the community members, who for years have been diligently keeping and harvesting off the forest. Now, discover Sungai Sendat as our team of Native Hosts welcome you into the place they call home.

An experience full of discovery, excitement, and laughter. Discover Sungai Sendat the Native way.



08.30 am

Arrival at Orang Asli village
Introduction to your Native Hosts

09.00 am

Begin guided trail through Sungai Sendat with Native Guides

10.00 am

Refreshen in the waters of Latar Panjang

10.30 am

Hike down to lunch location

11.30 am

Begin feast with Native Cooks

01.00 pm

Fellowship session with Native Hosts

01.30 pm

End of session

Depart from Sungai Sendat

Booking the experience as a solo traveller ?

(Bundle) Discover Sungai Sendat with its Indigenous Stewards

Start from : RM 150/pax

Frequently Ask Questions

On your Native Journey, you will be provided access to our Indigenous Tribe Hosts. These hosts will take you through the journey and will be ever willing to help you if you require it. We also provide first-aid services during the experience.

Guests should bring an expectation to learn and have a great time. All other general list of items to bring is provided in our follow up email titled “Native Onboarding” that you will receive upon booking an experience. 

No, once a tour or stay has been purchased, no refunds will be handed out. Do contact Native directly if you would like to make changes with bookings in-line with our Terms & Conditions.

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